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10-02-2020: "IL SENTIERO DEI LUPI", a 3 years long project focused on the wolves wayback in the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park. In cooperation with Ivan Mazzon and Roberto Sacchet.

17-10-2019: "Il Principe Bianco" is my new project, supported by UNIFARCO, focused on the description of the main conservation activities aimed at protecting the residual richness and beauty of these meadows.

09-08-2019: New cover: male Rosalia alpina. Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park.

30-07-2019: New cover: male boreal owl in a pristine larch forest.

14-04-2019: New cover: alpine chamois in the first lights

04-04-2019: New cover:
Narcissus poeticus

05-12-2018: happy to finally see online the new website of my friend Roberto, great photographer and expert on the secrets of the wildlife.

14-11-2018: the life in the forest is starting again after the great storm.

04-11-2018: the San Lucano Valley is one of the symbol of the tragic events occurred during the last week in the Dolomites. Fire, floods, debris flow, fierce winds and thousands of fallen trees can not obscure the  magnificent beauty of the "Pale di San Lucano" as well as and the wish to react of the mountain people.

02-08-2018: "oltre l'InCanto" at San Gregorio (BL), tomorrow 6 p.m. to celebrate 25 years since the establishment of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park.

01-08-2018: Tichodroma muraria, one of the most incredible inhabitant of the the highest dolomitic cliffs. 2,200 m a.s.l - July, 2018.

28-07-2018: "oltre l'InCanto" at Longarone (BL) is the first of a series of 3 expositions dedicated to the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, which this year celebrates 25 years since its establishment.

20-07-2018: a photogallery of the Bellu no Dolomites pubblished in "La Stampa". Thanks to Gaiacomo De Donà and Davide Michielin for creating this opportunity.

07-07-2018: mercoledì prossimo una serata dedicata alla vita selvaggia ed alle lucciole.

01-07-2018: The research is progressing...New cover: Vipera ammodytes, a big female. Unpublished location for the province of Belluno, 1100 m. a.s.l.

28-05-2018: A male of the elusive hazel grouse is one of my latest photos.

23-05-2018: New publications in books and in magazines.

06-05-2018: New video. Dolomiti Bellunesi wild stories # 1. Enjoy the video.

24-04-2018: Male Ichthyosaura alpestris in an ancient watering tank lost in the forest. Go to the latest!

14-04-2018: happy to be part of a 3 years long research project on the distribution of Vipera ammodytes in the Belluno Province, where the presence of this species has been poorly investigated in the past; the project is supported by As.Fa.Ve. through a scholarship dedicated to the memory of my friend Enrico Romanazzi. Thanks to Ivan Mazzon for inviting me.

16-03-2018: a deer sheds its antlers in the latest!

08-03-2018: the 8 of march of two years ago, I had the unique chance to spent a whole morning with cranes in migration along the Piave river corridor. More pictures in the dedicated gallery

22-02-2018: the last winter days in the alpine beech forest. New winter images in the gallery.

10-02-2018: the new gallery of project "equilibri liquidi", realized in cooperation with Giacomo De Donà, is now online. Enjoy!

05-02-2018: in a week I've met both the boreal owl and the pigmy owl just in front of my house, revealing once again the north face of the Dolomites.

20-01-2018:  winter lights and atmosphere in the high plateau of the Belluno Dolomites. Go to the latest!

15-01-2018: Iberolacerta horvathi, one of the rarest and most mysterious reptile of our rocky walls and gorges. The locality of this picture (August 2017) is still unknown for science and will be pubblished together with the data of a three years long research (that I am part of) on the distribution of this fascinating species.

04-01-2018: this winter view of the "Fagheron" is my first picture in 2018.

20-12-2017: la mostra "Dalla faggeta alle pernici" esposta nell'accogliente Centro Culturale Piero Rossi a Belluno...le suggestioni della vita selvaggia  tra un caffè ed un aperitivo..

08-12-2017: following the "white rubbit" in the LATEST..

02-12-2017: new cover. Summer memory. Female nose - horned viper in Dolomite rock.

13-11-2017: SERATA "Immagini in musica". Presso "Casel de Vignui", 25 novembre 2017 ore 20.45.

15-11-2017: Sitta europaea in "the latest"

08-11-2017: new cover. Rana temporaria "lost" in the litter (beech forest, DB National Park).

04-09-2017: MOSTRA FOTOGRAFICA. Pedavena, 14 settembre 2017

07-08-2017: new cover. Summer plumage for the female ptarmigans.

30-07-2017: Dolomiti Première! This dormouse has been choosen as a symbol of RESPECT for all forms of life in this noticeable magazine dedicated to Dolomites.

26-06-2017: new cover! The delicate graphisms of the rare and elusive Vipera ammodytes in Belluno Dolomites.

18-06-2017: new picture of a female asp viper in DB National Park.

12-06-17: RESTYLING of the website with new sections and galleries. ENJOY!


Pigmy owl male calling_ Belluno Dolomites wild stories #1
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